Discover inner peace and balance while rejuvenating  your skin with the most relaxing, stress releasing facial ever, using results driven Rhonda Allison skin care products customized to your skin’s unique needs, along with aromatherapy this pampering facial incoporates massage into every step. Facial muscles, neck, shoulder’s, hands and feet, allowing a way to escape  for a brief time from the days chaos and at the same time giving skin a healthy dose of nutients , your skin will be hydrated and you will feel renewed.


Acne Detox Facial

This is a great facial to help combat oily skin and troublesome breakouts. An invigorating and revitalizing skin care therapy to draw out impurities, congestion and nourish the face. Followed by an Oxygen treatment this facial will be your new must have.


Anti-Aging Pigment Control

Fight the signs of aging and turn back the clock with this corrective facial that reduces pigmentation, detoxifies and brightens skin tone. Restore your healthy glow. A soothing massage of the face and scalp brings the mind and spirit toa state of calm.


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Please feel free to browse our web site and check out our Rhonda Allison Brochure for all your retail skin care needs.  Savvy consumers are rapidly recognizing the benefits of light, superficial skin peels, pure oxygen, antioxidants and rejuvenating skin care.  Now it is possible to soften age lines, smooth coarse skin, minimize and refine enlarged pores, treat impure, toxic and acne skin, reduce pigmentation, and maintain a healthy skin.

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