Let the scent of essential oils draw you in as Rhonda Allison’s Bamboo Scrub gives skin a refined exfoliation to replenish and stimulate the entire body.  The perfect balance of natural bamboo and pearl extracts gently lifts away dead skin cells with ease and leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.


Conditioning for the most elite clientele, this home care peel provides superior support for tissue repair from photo-aging and skin deterioration.  This quintessential acid complex induces exfoliation and revitalizes for a healthier, more polished skin tone.


Peel Cream begins the regeneration process by gradually exfoliating surface dead skin cells. The hydrating cream base works in tandem with the fruit acid blend to restore skin to a more youthful, healthy appearance. Encouraging cell turnover and stimulating skin cell renewal, Peel Cream provides replenishing elements and rejuvenation effects with a blend of all five AHAs, nourishing vitamins and minerals, and essential oils, providing firming and toning for the skin.


Energizing Peptide Spritz is a specially delivered combination of age-reducing peptides that reconditions collagen and elastin fibers while stimulating mechanisms that encourage new protein formation, correcting deep wrinkles and skin sag. This energizing spritz’s anti-cellulite actions work to relieve skin of harmful metals, wastes and toxins responsible for bumpy, uneven skin tissue – giving a lifting and plumping effect to the skin. With continued use, wrinkles deplete, tissue clarity improves and skin smoothes with increased respiration.


Bio Reform 28 is a body lotion like none other, reforming and restoring younger looking skin while utilizing pro-strength actives to create a unique complex of epidermal growth factors, peptides, stimulants, oxygenators, fortifying extracts, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, isoflavones, and botanical phytochemicals that work in tandem to mold every curve to youthful perfection. In addition, fruit cell cultures protect and maintain the function of skin stem cells, insuring their longevity and reducing wrinkles.


Nurture Balm, with dual compatibility for the skin to moisturize and heal, is a blend of soothing ingredients that melt into the skin, reducing irritations from dryness, itching, inflammation and skin prone to sores and wounds.


Immerse your skin in luscious moisture with this revolutionary Phyto-Endorphin complex.  Extracted from Monk’s Pepper and known for its mood enhancing activity, this nanoemulsion system will provide a radiant glow – skin will soften and smooth while age spots dimish. Many moisturizing factors, potent antioxidants, and skin lighteners have been incorporated into this age-diminish hand cream to sooth and fortify the skin to counter the signs of aging. Watch hands transform and enliven as the active blend moistens and brightens while providing the utmost in antioxidant protection that limits tissue damage caused by internal and external aggressors.


A highly versatile mask for a treatment room, Beauty Mud Mask may be used as a second-phase cleansing mask at the beginning of a treatment with steam for additional exfoliation or as a setting beauty mask to detoxify and replenish the skin. Use during  body treatment or facial – the possibilities are endless!


Conditioning for the most elite clientele, Body Acid Peel provides superior support for tissue repair from photo-aging and skin deterioration. A must-have for any professional body treatment, this corrective serum is perfect to induce exfoliation and rejuvenation for healthier, more polished skin. An ideal solution for those stubborn target areas such as the decollete, backs of arms, heels, elbows, darker skin tones or skins of color.


Rhonda Allison is introducing the BODY Reform Home System, a non-invasive body contouring system that reforms skin for a smooth, youthful appearance.  A great gift idea for that special someone or for yourself, this is the perfect solution to target specific body concerns.

Kit Includes:
Bamboo Scrub (60ml)
Energizing Peptide Spritz (30ml)
Bio Reform 28 (30ml)
Phyto-Endorphin Hand Cream (30ml)

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